Media and Digital Volunteer Work


In my spare time I volunteer my skills as a video journalist and designer to make content for community groups, charities, and startups, as well as for my own pleasure. I also lead expeditions and education programmes to teach young people transferrable skills on the topic of Communication. Here are some examples of the films I have made.


Organisations I have partnered with include:


Media Leader - Kyrgyzstan

Filmed and edited on a smartphone while leading a 5-week expedition to Kyrgyzstan.

Help Nepal Network - Children's Home

Filmed during a trip to Nepal to share the work of the UK based charity Music for Children. The charity supports this children's home for orphans in Kathmandu.

Other content

Youth development and media training delivered while out on expedition in Kyrgyzstan - filmed and edited by the young explorers -

MS Hackathon with the Digital Art Experience London -

An example of the promo videos I edited while helping out The Music Run -

Video edited over lockdown for South London Jazz Orchestra -

South London Jazz Orchestra

Print and branding work

The Music Run

Print and branding work