Based in London I'm a multi-talented creative designer and producer. My background is in motion graphics and working as a Visual Journalist in BBC News. I've worked on large scale branding projects as well as creating content as a shoot/edit producer/director. My main passion is technology, and I aim to combine creativity with technical know-how to inspire, inform, and create beautiful experiences. Please feel free to watch my showreel below and explore the site for more specific examples of projects I've been involved with.


 --- emmaplant1@gmail.com ---


Alongside my work as a Creative at the BBC, I've been freelancing and doing a lot of producing and directing, making content for charities, and personal exploits. I spend much of my free time arranging and composing music, looking for new sounds and orchestrations of traditional swing, funk, jazz, and folk charts.


Examples of my video work can be viewed at the bottom of the Help Nepal Network's homepage. http://helpnepal.net/


 And i have uploaded some of my personal projects to my Vimeo page:



Other videos up on my Vimeo site!